What’s Your Relationship Attachment Style?

Did you ever consider that the issues present in your relationship could stem from your attachment style? A person’s attachment style is a factor in the success of their relationships. 

Attachment theory is a theory that explains how one person attaches to another individual. According to the theory, a person’s attachment style begins early in life when infants seek comfort and security from at least one caregiver. The caregiver’s response will set in motion the developmental pattern of attachment of the individual.  

From these interactions with their caregiver, the infant’s internal guidance system (or internal working model) for relationships is formed.

This internal guidance system influences the feelings, behaviors, and expectations one may have of their partner throughout life. It will also affect how comfortable a person is with intimacy and independence.   

In therapy, couples learn to identify their attachment style and understand how it plays out in their relationship. They also learn to apply strategies which help improve their relationships with others.